UPDATE: 11.27.22

Expect a response within one month of emailing us. Our first breeding of 2023 will be confirmed in January & if successful will be due in February 2023. Please check email us December 2022 for application for 2023 puppies. Please be aware we charge a more for puppies than many other breeders in the Ohio. If you are shopping for the best priced puppy please reach out to a different breeder. We do not respond to the emails that have no information about why you are interested in a puppy from Snowbright. Thank you!


2023 LITTERS -

We will begin taking reservations winter of 2022. 


Breeding December 2022


Spring 2023





Are you ready to commit to 12-15 years?

Is your dog going to be kenneled more than 20 hours per week?

Do you have a properly fenced in yard?

Are you aware Samoyeds do NOT like to be left alone?

Are you aware of the breed history and the amount of exercise they need?

Are you aware Samoyeds are very vocal & require too much exercise to live in an apartment?

***Before sending us an email please think through the questions listed above. When sending us an inquiry for an application link please include information about your family and why YOU are looking to add a Samoyed to your home. *** 

We charge a higher premium for our puppies than many breeders in our area. This is due to traveling around the country to show our Samoyeds and the high costs of bringing in bloodlines not from this area of the country. Our puppy prices are non-negotiable and may vary based on litter. 

What goes into fundamentals of responsible breeding include:  

  1. health tests performed on the sire and dam prior to breeding, with the results publicly viewable on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) website;  

  2. post-natal care emphasizing high quality nutrition, socialization, exercise and cognitive stimulation;  

  3. requiring that  buyers sign a contract which includes certain stipulations, including that the puppy be returned to the breeder if at any point in the dog’s life the buyer is unable to care for them,  

  4. and providing prospective buyers with a 3-generation pedigree that allows them to research the puppy’s lineage.

Red Flags

  • Asking for money before you meet the breeder

  • Breeder can instantly give you a puppy, little to no wait list

  • No health testing

  • Dogs imported from other Russia (unable to provide health tests for family tree)

  • Breeder is not involved in any dog sports (they are breeding simply for money)

  • Read reviews... they are all over reddit

  • Do NOT buy from Pet Store (health certificates can be forged)


We will have no more puppies in 2022. Please email us in Winter 2022 for 2023 applications. Puppies are sold on AKC limited registration, meaning no breeding rights. We occasionally have an older dog available. 

Email us for more information at snowbrightsamoyeds@gmail.com and we will send an application link. Please keep in mind we will have availability for this Fall & Winter. We require all families to come and visit us in Columbus or Detroit when puppies are three to five weeks old. The location of visits will depend on where the litter is being raised. We are willing to defer your spot on the waitlist to a preferred location, but this may mean waiting longer. We do NOT ship puppies. 

If you do not receive a response within one month please send us a follow-up email. 


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