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About Us: We are three generations of Samoyed breeders located in Ohio, and currently are a mother (Terri) and daughter (Rachel) team. Terri has been showing dogs for over 35 years and Rachel showed her first Samoyed at 7 years old. Our Samoyed bloodlines come on the best quality dogs, around the world. 


Raising Our Pups: We typically have a couple of litters per year to continue our bloodline & provide 4 legged family members for those wanting to own a Samoyed. Due to our smaller breeding program, we typically have waitlists of 12-18 months. The puppies are born in our bedroom and around 4 weeks, they move to our family room where they are well socialized and loved by both people and dogs.  They come from AKC champion bloodlines with health screenings for both eyes & hips 3 generations back. Most importantly they come from parents with good, sound temperaments.

Prospective Show Homes: We love seeing our puppies go to families interested in getting into the world of AKC dog shows. We are happy to mentor those in our area with a desire to learn more about showing Samoyeds.


Location: Rachel (Daughter) is located outside of Detroit, Michigan, and Terri (Mother) is located in Columbus, Ohio. We have litters at both locations and run our waitlist for puppies as one list. Puppies travel between the two locations.



Columbus, OH  -  Ferndale, MI

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